Contact Dance from the HEART Workshop in San Marcos

Contact Dance from the HEART Workshop in San Marcos

08 Jan 00:00 - San Marcos
Eagle's Retreats - Lake Atitlán

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Come experience a deeper way to connect with breath, sound and movement that allows a heartful journey of movement to happen!

Contact Dance is an artform that allows the body to become a astructure of mutual support. This movement journey allows weightless flight to happen that is intoxicating and liberating which defies grativity. The body surrendars into a flow state that liberates a sense of freedom!

Some now this type of dance as Contact Improvisation or (CI) so what is it? CHECK out link for more details...

I am super excited to offer this playshop experience here in San Marcos. i am also honored to offer also the Contact Dance workshop at Cosmic Convergence.

I will offer useful movement skills that will enhance your connection with your self, partner, and community!

AND we will end the movement workshop around 5:30 so we can as gather as community to watch the beautiful sunset with the most epic view of the lake!

Then, we will head over to the Temescal to allow the heat to soothe our body and spirit. If you havent experienced this peace of art you are in a sweet treat.... We will provide aloe vera, salts, and honey to honor your body with self-loving care! And share the magick of coming together for rest and rejuvenation!

We will end officially the workshop experience around 7:30.

HEART donation for teachings and use of space and loving anoitments for use of the Temescal...

125Q early bird (online) AND day of event 175Q cash.

THIS is a wonderful way to connect more intimately inside learning to trust the inner impulses of the body to move and flow in ease with another... And to capture the essence of flight using kinetic energy as a feul of weightlessness in the dance!


OnaRay's love of movement in early childhood has spawned a lifelong exploration seeking knowledge and wisdom into how humans move through life...

While attending graduate school in 2003, OnaRay began to deeper her philosophy on movement and health. OnaRay passion grew deeper during her rigorous circus training how mindful breath affects movement and performance. This new discovery led to investigate further the role of body and emotional intelligence plays in overall peak performance and quality of life.

OnaRay learned that, often times, the body forms an "armor" to protect itself, and this armor builds over time in density as the emotional body gets locked into a "pain body" state of consiousness.

he noticed the correlation between alignment (posture), movement, and breath, and begun to notice how humans suffer imbalances in this relationship that gets translated into health issues or Dis-Ease!

OnaRay continues to explore her own body through dedicated studies with the circus arts , martial arts, performance art, Yoga philosophy and practces, movement therapies, and ecstatic dancing free flow conscious movement.

OnaRay has dedicated her life to helping people tap into their own inner FLOW -- which means "Free Open Loving Waveforms." This awarenss of FLOW for her is a pathway to freedom in life. She over 14 years of academic studies and over 20 years studying yoga, movement therapies, somatic psychology, and healing arts. She is also an acro yoga enthusiast and teacher!

She continues to train, teach, love and live a life of purpose and grace as a conscious nomad past 11 years. Her nomadic lifestyle and taught her many life lessons thats feeds her passion for life. She love and lives from the heart!

OnaRay Heart on FB
Instragram is @acroheart and @awakenasone

Websites and FB Pages: and www, and

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