Sound Ceremony 100hr Certification Guatemala January 2019

Sound Ceremony 100hr Certification Guatemala January 2019

16 Jan 16:00 - 30 Jan 09:00 - San Marcos La Laguna
The Yoga Forest

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Are you interested in Sacred Sound and its mystical and Healing components?

We are very excited to announce this unique course pioneering the modern application of Sound Work. We welcome you to be apart of the first ever 100HR SOUND CEREMONY TRAINING.

14-day Training Immersion Dates 2018:

July 15 — 29, 2018
Jan 16 — 30, 2019

The ancient art of healing with sound is quickly growing in popularity throughout the world as many now feel the call to quiet down the mind, pull the reigns on their routines to listen and enquire into a deeper rhythm of life.

Have you felt that rhythm or heard that call? Maybe it is a ringing in the ears, a gentle hum pulsing about your day or knock on your door that urges you transform with the seasons song.

We certainly all know that music effects us on many levels. It is as simple as remembering our teenage years or the way our eyes glaze as if seeing a long lost lover as a sweet and nostalgic piece is played. Two and a half thousand years ago the famous Greek philosopher Pythagoras utilized sound as a form of medicine treating a variety of ailments and we can trace this idea back further and outward across continents, cultures and ages right into something we know in our hearts yet cannot find the sufficient words to speak its Truth. As cutting edge as this modality might seem, there is nothing new about Sound Healing and its Power to pierce the veil of thoughts and allow us to perceive the source of where all sound is springing from.

In this training you will learn how to journey into a deep meditative inquiry on the Source of all Sound and from there find many tools to assist in shifting frequencies, healing emotional and psychological scars and opening parts of the heart and mind that you never knew existed! Come traverse the sphere of your consciousness as we create the space for transformation.

“Some day music will be the means of expressing universal religion. Time is wanted for this, but there will come a day when music and its philosophy will become the religion of humanity.”
—Hazrat Inyat Khan

Who is this course for?

This course is for anyone who has been moved by the Power of Sound. For Musicians, Healers, Therapists, Yogis, Meditators, Mystics, Psychologists, Philosophers, Teachers, Medical Workers, Medicine Workers, Song Carriers People who are ready to shift and lift; to open and ignite and to listen to the subtleties of stillness and silence.

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